Forfivo XL (bupropion HCl) Extended-Release Tablets 450 mgForfivo XL (bupropion HCl) Extended-Release Tablets 450 mg

Just ONE tablet delivers
450 mg bupropion each day.

You can titrate to higher doses without adding more pills. Patients can be titrated up to Forfivo XL 450 mg once daily if they have been taking 300 mg per day of bupropion for at least 2 weeks and require a dosage of 450 mg per day.

Graph comparing dose sizes

Forfivo XL® provides a once-daily, bupropion 450 mg dose in a single tablet:

  • Indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder
  • Proven bioequivalent to Wellbutrin XL®2
  • One Forfivo XL 450 mg tablet per day is equivalent to Wellbutrin XL 3 X 150 mg

Maintenance Therapy:

  • It is not known whether the 450 mg dose needed to achieve initial response is needed for maintenance treatment
  • Patients should be periodically reassessed to determine the need for a maintenance treatment and the appropriate dose for such patients

Therapy Initiation:

  • Patients currently treated with other bupropion products may be switched to Forfivo XL if they are receiving:
    • 450 mg/day
    • 300 mg/day for a least two weeks and requiring a dose increase to 450 mg/day
  • Do not initiate bupropion therapy with Forfivo XL because 450 mg is the only available dosage strength. Use another lower dose bupropion product for initial dose titration.

Rx Savings Program:

  • Rx Savings Program will automatically limit 30-day Rx cost to $28 for most commercial drug plan patients1
    • Some patients may still need a physical copay savings card to reduce their cost
    • Copay cards can be downloaded here


  1. Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Godfrey, AR. Single dose crossover comparative bioavailability study of bupropion hydrochloride 450 mg extended release tablets and Wellbutrin XL® 150 mg extended release tablets in healthy male volunteers under fasting and fed conditions [clinical study report]. Laval, QC: Algorithme Pharma Inc; 2011.